• CP672-01


    An optimized sectional design reduces pattern noise for ultra-quiet driving.  Stable handling and tight cornering are heightened by the rigid shoulder block design.  The straight center semi-dual rib offers higher speed responsiveness as well as excellent steering.  Rest assured when the roads are wet, four straight wide grooves maximize wet traction and anti-hydroplaning performance. CP672 Catalog.

  • CP671-01


    Every season is the right season for the high performance CP671 tire. Wet weather driving is made safer due to straight wide grooves to deter hydroplaning and increase wet traction. A quiet, comfortable ride with great traction and braking are the results of a lateral and rapid angle round groove design. At higher speeds the center rib block ensures directional driving stability. CP671 Catalog.

  • CP662-01


    A high performance non-directional one tire for all seasons – quiet and comfortable ride with great traction and braking is the result of lateral and angle round groove design. At higher speeds the upgraded shoulder and center rib block help cornering and directional driving stability. Wet weather driving is made safer due to straight wide grooves coupled with lateral grooves working together to resist hydroplaning and increase wet traction. CP662 Catalog.

  • CP661-01


    The CP661 is engineered for high performance when the summer heat is on. Confident cornering and stable handling is made possible by the center block. A straight center rib elevates handling. Traction is assured when it’s wet; the CP661’s organic style lateral grooves and 4 straight wide grooves upgrade drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance. CP661 Catalog.

  • CP641-01


    The CP641 for passenger vehicles utilizes a high performance directional tread design offering superior hydroplaning resistance at high-speed driving. The straight wide grooves further enhance driving performance in wet weather, providing excellent drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance. The CP641’s dual center rib increases directional stability, while the optimized sectional design reduces pattern noise. CP641 Catalog.

  • AriaAH7-01

    Aria AH7

    Aria AH7 – high performance touring – is well-suited for exploring all year long – designed for safety and precision even on wet roads. Increased block stiffness aides in excellent grip when cornering at increased speeds, while sound is reduced via a 5-optimal pitch arrangement that distributes noise to a low level.  The Aria AH7 has a uniformly designed center width that achieves even tire wear for greater driving pleasure and value. Aria AH7 Catalog.

  • nPrizAH8-01

    N’Priz AH8

    The N’Priz AH8 provides great stability and a comfortable ride in all seasons. Grid-style sipe design delivers stable performance while reducing noise. A rigid shoulder block design enhances high speed cornering performance by dispersing force evenly. N’Priz AH8 Catalog.