High Performance

  • nFera-su1-01

    N’Fera SU1

    The N’Fera SU1 is your ultra high performance asymmetric summer tire of choice when navigating through a sudden storm or cruising on a desert road. The tire’s 3 main grooves and 1 semi-groove designs work together to enhance handling in wet conditions. Excellent dry and wet traction are supported by optimum split surface siping. By increasing shoulder block stiffness, pressure distributes evenly and ensures maximum cornering performance. N’Fera SU1 Catalog.

  • nFeraRU5-01

    N’Fera RU5

    Ultra high performance asymmetric SUV tire – traction, great handling and strength for all seasons.  The tread design incorporates waves, grooves and a micro-grooves to deter hydroplaning as well as improve grip – whether it’s raining or snowing.  A second outside rib spanning asymmetrically to the inside creates stiffness for greater stability and cornering ability. For high performance SUV, this is your tire. N’Fera RU5 Catalog.