Snow Tires

  • Winter i*cept evo

    Winter i*cept evo

    Winter i*cept evo is an Ultra-High Performance Winter Tire designed to provide outstanding performance in winter weather conditions. An asymmetrical tread design, along with a High Technology silica tread compound, offer exceptional grip in harsh winter weather conditions such as snow, slush and ice while the addition of an outer longitudinal rib block offers impressive braking and cornering ability. Winter i*cept evo Catalog.

  • Winter i*Pike

    Winter i*Pike

    Winter i*Pike is High Performance Studdable Winter Tire designed for a wide range of passenger vehicles. A unique ā€˜Vā€™ shaped tread design delivers exceptional traction and control in all winter driving conditions. Winter i*Pike Catalog.

  • i*pike Rw11

    i*pike Rw11

    i*pike Rw11 takes the lead in stronger braking power and superior traction in snow condition. More powerful driving and braking forces will give you confidence on wet or frozen roads. i*pike Rw11 Catalog.