Luxury Performance/Touring

  • Optimo 418

    Optimo 418

    The Optimo H418 is a H & V-rated, all-season tire that delivers the perfect balance of comfort and technical performance for today’s touring sports cars and luxury performance sedans. While the solid central rib aids in handling, the high-angle diagonal grooves channel water away from the center. Optimo H418 Catalog.

  • Optimo 426

    Optimo 426

    The perfect balance between performance and comfort. The Optimo H426 adopts a unique rib-block design for its shoulder to minimize vibration and noise and to provide a quiet, smooth ride. Optimo H426 Catalog.


  • Optimo 727

    Optimo 727

    The Optimo H727 incorporates a computer calculated tread design featuring FSO (Footprint Shape Optimization) to create a Premium Touring All-Season tire that provides a quiet, comfortable ride with outstanding treadwear properties. Optimo 727 Catalog.

  • Optimo 725

    Optimo 725

    The Touring All-Season Optimo H725 combines quality with value. An innovative internal construction offers improved handling and durability, while an advanced tread pattern provides excellent wet and dry braking and winter performance with an emphasis on low road noise.

  • Optimo 724

    Optimo 724

    The Optimo H724 is designed to provide drivers with a tire that delivers great handling, a comfortable ride, longer mileage and All-Season traction at a surprisingly affordable price. Optimo 724 Catalog.